Why vote for ECOLO-GROEN in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert ?

Publié le dimanche 13 mai 2012

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is a pleasant place to live : apart from a few severely congested areas, getting around is relatively simple ; the tree lined path of the Woluwe brook combined with the presence of large parks and leafy neighbourhoods contribute to the sense of well-being and construction is varied and relatively recent. A wide range of social services work to even out inequalities and the numerous associations, including neighbourhood committees, encourage a dynamic social environment.

Since 1976, the local council has been led by the same majority, though not by the same team, so why is ECOLO presenting candidates for election ? During their 30 years of constructive opposition on the local council, ECOLO councillors have the opportunity to present many proposals, few of which have ever been accepted, but the world is changing and society is evolving. ECOLO’s originality is that it was one of the very first parties to introduce a series of innovative ideas : doing politics differently, deciding together what we want to transmit to our children, encouraging citizen participation, engaging in an ecological transition towards a more sustainable world less dependent on fossil fuels.

Today, storm clouds are gathering : how should we manage life in Brussels, with what sort of housing policy ? How can we avoid the city becoming congested with hundreds of thousands of vehicles while maintaining the quality of life in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert ? ECOLO wants to help build solutions with a long-term vision - solutions that are not reduced to the term of one mandate. In October we’ll join forces with GROEN ! to present a new list of candidates rich in diversity. After 30 years of constructive opposition, we are ready !

Caroline Macdonald Williams

18th position